7Blessings Toolbox
2019 - The site is NOT infected, it's the EICAR files. Amazingly it took 4 years for AV to flag it.
While there are many vendors that claim to protect your environment, it is often hard to separate facts from claims.

For example:
Is malware inside SSL really being scanned?
Are you using the most secure cipher suite possible?
Has your NGFW/UTM really moved away from signature based detection?

This site contains a handful of tools to help you demonstrate and test your deployments. See the description below for more details on each tool.

Is configuring an Encrypted Traffic Management policy complicated?
Is it important for a Proxy/Webfiltering to see inside a SSL/TLS stream?
Is it important for a DLP to see inside a SSL/TLS stream?
The SSLv supports over 70 Ciphers, is that really important?
Is my Cloud Proxy platform sandboxing malicious payloads in realtime?
Is your Malware Analysis detonating correctly?
Why is Packet Capture important in post breach forensics?
Does your Proxy/NGFW apply policy to password protected Zip files?
What HTTP headers are you leaking to the internet?